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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

– Albert Einstein

100 Apps Top Apple Android App Developers India
100 Apps Top Apple Android App Developers India

Mobile iOS and Android Application Development Company

 100 Apps is one of the World’s leading Mobile App development companies. At 100 Apps we combine functionality with a user friendly interface and stunning world-class design. Our iPhone and Android app developers take your ideas and requirements and build it into a stunning mobile application that your users will love and help you improve your business.

We Develop State of the Art iOS and Android Mobile Apps for a broad range of businesses globally. For your business this results in increased revenues, improved Brand value and vastly increased business market.

How can I increase my business?

One way is to develop an Enterprise app. The benefits your enterprise app will get you are breath-taking. The value your App creates and the ability it gives to engage your customers is incredible. With more and more people addicting to smartphones and using them for paying bills, communicating, finding directions and shopping etc., it is THE RIGHT TIME for you to take your business to the Next Level with a Stunning Mobile App.

We at 100 Apps make sure Your Mobile App is easy to Use, navigate and highly responsive. Your Customers will have a Good feeling navigating your App. This in turn will help you in cementing a long-lasting relationship with your customers and develop your Brand Loyalty.

What are the Advantages of investing in a Mobile App?

There are many advantages of investing in a Mobile App. Such as:

  • Reaching and Marketing directly to the Customer’s Hands. Informing them of your products, offers, etc. Take your product into the palms of your Customer.
  • Greatly Improved visibility. You can be visible to your Customer at all times. 24/7/365 days. Anywhere in the City, State, Country or Globally. An App is the Next Level.
  • You get increased brand loyalty. You can reward customers by giving more and better offers. Thus leading to more business and downloads and getting more return customers.

What is the process of App Development?

At 100 Apps the Mobile Application development process begins with a thorough understanding and analyzing of your business and its real needs. This analysis enables us to develop an App that will result in increasing your business. Our programmers always make use of the appropriate technology to make the app robust and secure. The Apps developed at 100 Apps undergo stringent functional testing, compatibility testing, and security testing. Our QA team will ensure that your app is error free. We use high standard testing software to analyze and practically test your app. After this we will be Launching your app as per the latest trends to gain maximum user attention.

Which technology do we use at 100 Apps?

We develop user friendly native apps for Android and Apple using the right technology for the right app. Technologies we use to Build the Apps for the different platforms are:

  • iOS Apps : Objective-C, OpenGL, Cocoa, SQlite, Unity3D, Cocos2D
  • Android Apps : Eclipse, OpenGl, Java, SQLite

What are the Features of Apps Developed at 100 Apps?

  • We study your Business, your customers, what is their location and their language their demographics, type of mobile devices they are using and then accordingly build your app strategy and graphics.
  • Our Apps support multiple languages keeping an eye on localization and globalization.
  • We love to develop and design simple and attractive Apps with flexible layouts and easy navigation. At 100 Apps, we create user-centric UI & UX designs.
  • We focus on offline experience as well.
  • We also integrate social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and many more.

Why 100 Apps?

We at 100 Apps develop highly successful and interactive mobile apps no matter which industry you are in. Our apps work exceptionally well on all devices. We make sure your app brings great value to your business in terms of popularity and revenue.

From Schools, University, Fitness Clubs, Beauty Spa to Yoga and Travel, Shopping, Retail Store, Discount Stores to Animal Rescue, we deliver the Best Interactive Mobile App!

If you wish to develop an Apple or Android Mobile Application for your Business Use, and not miss the Mobile App Buss, Contact Us without a moments Delay!

We will develop your World-Class Mobile App that can make a great difference to your business by propelling it to the NEXT LEVEL!!

Our App Design is more than a Work Of Art, Its a Powerful Tool for the Future of Your Business!!